Opened just over two months ago, the Chopspot Barbershop is one of the latest additions to the Brisbane barber game.  Located at the newly built Glass Factory at West End, the shop is extremely popular for their slick cuts and neat fades.  I rate it as one of the best barbers in Brisbane and here’s why.

The Shop

From the clean tiles and the contemporary timber walls to the hip hop tunes reflecting off them, the Chopspot Barbershop’s set-up spells dope all over.  The magazines, the NBA on the TV and the beverage-full fridge; I love how Jono has created his own style of barbershop tailored to his identity.

“The feel I was going for was a chilled urban/old school vibe.  Still keeping it classic with the traditional shaving and slick cuts.  Light hip-hop playing in the background, NBA and, of course, the beers for the hard workers out there.  For people game enough there’s whiskey, spiced rum, and even cognac on the rocks.”


The first time I met Jono was at Fraser’s Barbershop.  Here, along with other barbershops, he had honed his quality skillset and carried over some of the traditions.  Which is why the Chopspot Barbershop has become one of my favourite barbers to get a haircut.  You can get a complimentary cold one and feed on a few Hershey’s chocolates while watching Stephen Curry tear it up as you eagerly wait for a top-notch haircut. 

“It all started from the garage, bringing mates in and out.  It was a tough part of my life at the time.  I needed work and so I looked through SEEK; found a little barbershop at Mt. Gravatt and scored an apprenticeship. From there it was ‘smooth sailing’, they referred me to Garden City TMH (now iBarber).  I then moved from barbershop to barbershop, from Culture Kings to Jimmy Rod’s.  Even to a barbershop in Melbourne called RockIt Barbershop, then it was back to Brisbane to work with a good mate of mine Fraser.  It was then I realised it was time to do my own thing.  My rules, my setup.  A mix of all the places I worked at but made into my own to create my workplace of bliss.”


Not only does the Chopspot do quality cuts, they also have threads to offer.  Within a week from hanging them on the rack, shirts have flown out the shop with only limited sizes left.

The Hair Products

Unlike most barbershops, the Chopspot opted out from using the mainstream men’s hair product brand Uppercut.  The shop stocks both Modern Pirate and Suavecito products, pomade range of these brands can be easily washed out like Uppercut, but is more subtle with scent.  Especially the Suavecito Firme Hold, I love the gentlemen scent it gives off.  An excellent alternative to stock in my opinion.  Don’t get me wrong though I love Uppercut, it’s versatile and even easier to wash out.

“Suavecito is my main choice of pomade, just because not many people stock it here due to it being from the states.  Plus the hold and scent is on point providing a masculine feel. For Modern Pirate, straight from Melbourne good product, good hold and awesome in the matte paste range for textured messy hair; not just your slick back and comb-overs.”

_DSC4457The Future Plans

What’s next for The Chopspot from here on? More shops or a clothing line?

“Definitely I’m aiming for that next shop to be bigger and better, in time though, no rush.  I’ve been smashing out the clothing range, big things coming for that too.  

It’s only been recently I’ve fallen back into the passion of barbering since I’ve gotten back on track with life.  Every day I look forward to cutting the first client in the morning.  I research day and night on how to better my cutting, I don’t even consider it as work anymore.  It’s my life now I find it therapeutic, it puts me in that zen state and the reward is priceless!

Thank you DopeKoto for your time. By the way, can’t wait to see what the future has to bring for you guys.”

So if you’re looking for a slick haircut from one of the best barbers in Brisbane, then the Chopspot Barbershop is definitely one of the barbers you need to go to!

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Google Map of 57 Vulture Street, West End