Usually, for most of us, the weekends are there to recover some sleep we missed during the week. But having known what was planned for the last Saturday week, you would have made an exception just as I did. With the sunlight breaking over the horizon; I put aside the pain of waking up so early, and set course for my first stop I had to make before heading down to the first ever Winter Classic event by StreetKarnage held at Tallebudgera Valley, Queensland.

From the moment I arrived at my first stop, no time was wasted. We had to get the Gravy Garage 180SX onto the trailer. There’s something about a worked SR20DET starting up on a cold morning; James’ Gravy Garage 180SX was certainly a substitute to my morning coffee addiction.

Once it was all set, we made our way to the event. The drive was pleasant and only took us about an hour to arrive at the location. To be honest rocking up early were only a handful of cars, but within minutes the area began to fill up.

Despite being smaller than other events held in Brisbane, the focus on uniquely modified cars (mainly JDM) unquestionably did not let down the crowd. I knew I wasn’t disappointed at it; I loved it. As I made my way around the event, every car had a wow factor to them. No matter, if it was a near-stock midnight purple Nissan R33 GTR or a front-end Mercedes swapped Toyota Cresta; there’s always people nearby, admiring their beauty.

As the sun started to rest down over the other side of the horizon, it was great to see that some of the owners did not leave empty-handed. An award ceremony was certainly a way to show appreciation to the ones who put in the work on their machines.

Being the first StreetKarnage event, I’d say it went well. I will undoubtedly be back for the Spring Classic ’17, which will be held in September 2017.

Until then, check out the photos of Winter Classic ’17 below and be sure to follow us for everything from cars to sneakers by subscribing!