Talent is everywhere online these days, especially when it comes to producing a quality sequence of footages these days. It makes it hard to judge what is good anymore because nine times out of ten they are dope. We’ve been watching a lot of these videos online. But we only want to share with you the best ones we’ve seen so far in the past weeks.

Street Icons Presented by Prime

Kicking off this month’s instalment is a short video by one of our favourites, Mike Koziel. This quick clip reels through highlights of the Street Icons event hosted by Prime.

The night showcased some of the best ’90s JDM machines from Japan, Texas, New York City and New Jersey creeping through the densely-populated NYC. Adding to the nostalgic ’90s vibe is the old VHS effect throughout, creating a banger video.

The Evolution of F1 Steering Wheels

With another era of Formula One done and dusted, Donut Media takes us back from the earliest years of the sport to present day by putting together a montage. The video shows how far F1 has come from being a simple component solely used for turning the wheels to an all-out controller that only pilots know how to use.

Another Supercar Rally!? PML Quickstrike

Vlogs have sky-rocketed in recent years, and its great to see what happens on the other side of the camera. Zach Wingfield (a.k.a ZwingFilms) gives us a glimpse of his busy day that turns epic, but we’ll let you find out why.

This 3.0 V6 Build Is My Perfect MX-5

Forced induction has always been the easiest way to produce more power, but the downside is that it’s temperamental when it doesn’t get installed right. One tiny thing goes wrong in a turbo-charged system, and it’s no power whatsoever. Kind of like taking viagra really.

An alternative to gaining more kilowatts and torque is transplanting a higher performing motor instead. And that is precisely what Bruce did. Looks like he isn’t regretting it at all!

And that’s a wrap! If you’re feeling peckish for more videos, check out some of the other videos we’ve been watching in the previous months as well!

Cover photo by Ray Rei