The legendary “Supercar-Killer” Nissan GT-R has always earned the respect of many. From race car drivers and tuning garages to fanboys of other makes all around the world, nobody can knock the GT-R. The Japanese beast has been around for almost five decades, and over twelve variants produced during that period. It shouldn’t come as a surprise as for why the GT-R name is highly recognised across generations.

What is surprising though is the copious amount of models Nissan has produced through the years and each design has never reigned for longer than six years (rounding up); that is until the R35 GT-R came into the picture.nismo-gtr-r35-82534

The Game Changing Era of The GT-R

Started as a concept in 2001, it took Nissan a little over six years to deliver a masterclass return with the R35. For the R35, Nissan elected to abandon the famous twin-turbo in-line six RB26DETT and instead opted for a twin-turbo V6 VR38DETT setup, hand built by the most skilled Nismo engineers. Packed with cutting-edge technology and retaining the all-wheel-drive system, the new generation GT-R delivers a whopping 353 kW (480 hp). Even then it’s still not enough. Nissan’s engineers continued to refine the GT-R, continually making new improvements on the car.

By 2011, a new facelift model was inevitable, not only to refresh the GT-R’s futuristic looks but to make the necessary upgrades to keep it a cut above the competition. This meant increasing the GT-R’s output to 390 kW (530 hp), adding larger front brake rotors, applying a stiffer front strut bar, and upgrading the aerodynamics.


A Decade and Still More to Come

The R35’s reign spanned over nine years, and at DopeKoto we thought it would be perfect timing to move on to a new model, but we were wrong.

Nissan’s latest 2017 revision punches 419 kW (573 hp), an additional 66 kW than the OG R35. It’s capable of doing a 0-100km/h in 2.7 seconds (claimed acceleration), making it one of the quickest production car in the world. Given that the R35 is nearly a decade old now, the appearance went through an entire makeover as well, adding a more aggressive V-shaped front end and a new interior.

One thing is for certain; Nissan isn’t going to park the ‘Godzilla’ away anytime soon.


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