The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show has been known to be one of the biggest automotive trade fairs in Las Vegas. Showcasing the latest and greatest automotive parts for custom-built cars and bikes. For this instalment of “DopeKoto Cars: What We’ve Watched“, we’ve been flicking through videos of this year’s SEMA show. Obviously, we only want to share with you the best ones we’ve seen so far from the SEMA event. So without further ado, here are the best ones this year!

Everything You Should Know About The Ferrari Engined GT86

One of the most highly-anticipated cars to make an appearance at this trade show was Ryan Tuerck’s Ferrari-powered GT86. A build everyone thought was crazy — had come to life. This video is a must-watch interview with Car Throttle and the man who helped build it. Can’t wait to see the car in action in three weeks.

Trying To Film Every Car At SEMA 2016

Now, setting yourself a challenge to film every car at SEMA is impossible to achieve, but nevertheless, Seen Through Glass tried. And I mean he gave it a good shot. Even though not all the cars at SEMA made it on the video, it’s still a great highlight reel of some eye-candy that was there.

AccuAir x Rotiform Royal Flush Booth | SEMA 2016

Moving on to AccuAir, live coverage provider at SEMA 2016. In this video, AccuAir featured five of their best exotic bagged cars at their latest Royal Flush Booth. If you need ideas on slamming your supercar, then this video is for you. Not to mention, Mike Koziel filmed some of the footage for this video!

Insane SEMA Roll Out & FD Drifting

Last but not least, a video from Krispy Media’s vlogs on the final day of SEMA 2016. As exciting as the first day, there’s no surprise why SEMA goes for four days. Check out the coverage on the legendary SEMA roll out and the Formula D after-event.

And that’s a wrap! If you’re feeling peckish for more videos, check out some of the other videos we’ve been watching in the previous months as well!