This year’s World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) showcased some of the best cars Australia had to offer. It wasn’t just the fastest time attack cars in the world that showed up, the best street machines in Australia did too. Over 400 cars made it to the Show and Shine event and from the variety of customizations each car had; it definitely didn’t disappoint the crowds.


No matter where you looked, left or right, the amount of effort and details reflected from these cars were on another level. We can agree the Australian car scene is up amongst the greatest in the world. If you didn’t make it to the event this year, we at DopeKoto have put together our Top 10 favorites cars from the Show and Shine in no particular order.

The Zomaya Evo


The Zomaya’s Evo with its’ custom wide-body stance, sitting on a set of very wide SSR SP1s.

Datsun 1600


The rebuilt classic, the Datsun 1600 wagon and the incredible attention to detail that doesn’t just show on the cosmetics.

Wide-Bodied 350Z


It’s a rare sight to see a 350Z done right. But when you do see one like the WO-00-PP’s wide-body 350Z, you know it’s more than just “done right”.

Zen Garage x Work 180SX


The Zen Garage x Work Nissan 180SX and its extravagant rocket bunny kit definitely grabbing some attention there.

‘Southern Cross’ RAUH-Welt Begriff Porsche


The iconic Southern Cross RWB can never disappoint. It was great to see this car in person. The time and effort put into this beast really shows.

Subaru Impreza Wagon


Wagons are usually not for everyone and it’s rare to see one as sexy as this one. God damn!

Pandem V3 GT86


Unsurprisingly, there was a number of 86s/BRZs that made it to the Show and Shine this year. One which caught my attention (and many others) was the ‘Pandem’ V3 86. Flaunting its new, more aggressive styling oppose to the previous versions.

Porsche Carrera 356A


Here’s something that really stood out for us. Not in the form of a stanced car or crazy bodykit, but more of a rare classical masterpiece, the 1959 Porsche 356A of course.

Panda AE86


Another one of the greats. This two-toned AE86 definitely ticked all the right boxes for us. Who didn’t grow up to Initial D?

KE26 Wagon


Last but not least the KE26 wagon, rebuilt just like the Datsun 1600 mentioned before, but with horseys when it comes to seeing what’s kicking in the engine bay.

Here Were The Honorable Mentions.

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