Talent is everywhere online these days, especially when it comes to producing a quality sequence of footages these days. It makes it hard to judge what is good anymore, because nine times out of ten they are dope. We’ve been flicking through a lot of these videos online. But obviously, we only want to share with you the best ones we’ve seen so far in the last few weeks.

Filming a Car Show in the Rain – Krispy Media

This instalment we start off with a vlog from the very talented, Krispy Media. We’ve all seen what a dope after-movie looks like from him. He’s always capturing the best moments to enticing people to come to the next event, but rarely do we see what goes on behind the scenes. Thankfully with Krispy’s vlog, we get front row seats on what he usually does at a well-executed car event.

2016 Auto Enthusiast Day

Nitto Auto Enthusiast Day is one of the biggest events on the calendar. After seeing the previous AED event in Arlington, Texas, you can see why 20,000+ enthusiasts attend these types of events.

FittedUK 2016

The outdoor hosted FittedUK event has now moved indoors. Being one of the biggest indoor events in the UK, we couldn’t resist sharing with you the official coverage of some of the nicest built machines in the UK.

Jake DriftSquid Jones RBM3 Shake Down

Last but not least, coming back to the land down under. Our very own Jake ‘DriftSquid’ Jones, shares a little teaser on his new pro comp Nissan-powered BMW E92 M3. This ultimate machine combo features a Powertune in-house built RB28 (RB26 with Tomei Stroker Kit) and the sound is absolutely deadly.

And that’s a wrap! If you’re feeling peckish for more videos, check out some of the other videos we’ve been watching in the previous months as well!

Cover photo by Ray Rei