Talent is everywhere online, especially when it comes to producing a well stitched-together car video these days. It makes it hard to judge what is good anymore because nine times out of ten they are dope. We’ve been flicking through a lot of these videos online. But obviously, we only want to share with you the best ones we’ve seen so far in the last few weeks.


We kick off this instalment with a great short series directed by Daniel Michaelis. The first episode is based around three passionate Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubs, highlighting the driver culture and history behind the GTI Badge Golfs.

World’s Coolest Civic

Next, we have a peculiar Honda Civic project car. This not-so-common Civic SB is built for absolute performance. Owner/builder, George Champomier breaks down the performance mods and takes us on a flying lap around the infamous Nürburgring. You’ll see what we mean when we say the Civic is built for absolute performance.

The Gumout 4586

A few weeks back, teasers of a Ferrari/Toyota build was in the pipeline and thankfully Donut Media will be covering the JDM Supercar Gumout Sponsored project every step of the way. In the ‘First Look’, Ryan takes us through the delicate procedure to make the Ferrari 458 V8 motor work in the Toyota 86 chassis.

RWB Philadelphia

This will be Akira Nakai’s latest RWB build dubbed as the ‘Prince’. This short filmed put together by the talented Krispy Media, shows us the story behind this green mean machine. Ben Harmony has spent the last few years trying to bring Nakai-San over to Philadelphia to build his Porsche 993 at his home garage.

And that’s a wrap! If you’re feeling peckish for more videos, check out some of the other videos we’ve been watching in the previous months as well!

Cover photo by Kenny Ng