Two weekends ago I made the long trek to SubiNats down at Victoria (a bit late with the post I know, but I have my own reasons). It’s an annual event for Australian Subaru enthusiasts and this year it sets foot on Phillip Island for the very first time. Like most automotive events, there was action both on and off-track — keeping everyone entertained in various ways.

Molly Taylor, the first woman to win a heat in the Australian Rally Championship, took lucky raffle winners for a thrilling joy ride at maximum pace around the circuit. There were also sprint races which had drivers giving their boxer-powered machines the beans, testing the limits of their rally-bred cars.


Off-track there was the SubiNats ‘Show & Shine’ event, where the aesthetically-pleasing Subarus flexed. To no surprise the centre of attention was the Rocket Bunny kitted out Toyota 86* (with BRZ as number plates?), and yes it’s the one that made an appearance at Fitted Friday IV.

However, I felt the GD sitting on the Volk Racing Evolution III* rims was the money though. Simply put it, mint! Partly due to the fact that it rocked different rims than your regular Work Meisters or TE37SLs. But mainly because it’s just clean and dapper.

SubiNats wasn’t just the usual run-of-the-mill single-day event though. Members of the Impreza WRX Club Australia gathered together for social activities such as go-karting and a set-course dinner the two days prior. It’s admiring to see people who have the same hobbies gather together like this. I think it’s important to have communities like these who provide a platform for people alike to feel a sense of belonging to. It’s what the car scene needs.

And on that note, I leave you to enjoy some photos I took of the main day below if you haven’t already checked them out yet.

*corrected by readers