Talent is everywhere online, especially when it comes to producing a well stitched-together car video these days. It makes it hard to judge what is good anymore because nine times out of ten they are dope. We’ve been flicking through a lot of these videos online. But obviously we only want to share with you the best ones we’ve seen so far in the last few weeks.

Tuner Evolution: Daytona Beach

To get things started, we will begin with a bit of stance in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Tuner Evolution event, filmed by talented HALCYON, demonstrates how a car weekend should be with amazing footages all over Daytona Beach. The main event held at Ocean Centre housed around 300 of Florida’s top cars, and it’s well worth a watch.

Stay Driven

Bringing it back down under, is a film most of us can resonate with. For some of us, driving is our way of clearing the mind of clutter. Filmed by Daniel Karjadi and collaborated with Jasmine Abel (Stay Driven), this clip aims to inspire everyone to “Stay Driven” in life.

How I Became a Racing Driver and Bought My Own Godzilla

Moving on to life goals. Usually most of them are merely dreams, unless you put your mind and focus to it like Jann Mardenborough did. Something we are strong supporters of here at DopeKoto. This inspirational short film by Car Throttle shows where it all began for Jann and his incredible bond with his Nissan Skyline R32 GTR.

All in a Day’s Work

Everyone definitely has their own preference when it comes to choosing their daily. For Tokyo lawyer Go Hiramatsu, it’s a McLaren P1. We can all agree it’s not the most practical car, but this great short film by McLaren will tell you why they beg to differ.

Stay Hungry

To wrap up this installment of videos, we finish off with the inspiring story behind Formula D’s star, Fredric Aasbø. The twenty-minute documentary from Daniel Hovdahl takes you through to the origins and intimately focuses on of what Fredric does on and off the track to keep sane.

Check out some of the other videos we’ve been watching as well!

Cover photo by Ray Rei