The Friday before last, saw one of the largest car gatherings of the year. A show which brings lovers of all types of rides together for one huge night of engine revs, flame throwers, and eye candy. This year was Fitted Friday’s fourth event and its biggest yet. The event became something of a pilgrimage for Sydney motoring enthusiasts.

Fitted Friday this year turned up with something a little different — offering novelties such as kid’s rides, food truck vendors, and spectacular demonstrations from race teams such as Mariani Motorsports and Mazsport Racing; keeping the whole family entertained.

In the overall variety of rides that came through at the event, there was an outstanding presence of cars which focused on fitment; anything from imports to muscle and everything in between. Although there was a lot to be seen exterior-wise, the amount of work put into the engine bays was amazing to say the least. Despite the different styles of cars coming from various automotive cultures, there was a real sense of community at Fitted Friday. The show really brought the crowd together for one great night out.


Mariani motorsports let their 10,000 HP top fueler loose, wowing the crowds with their live demonstration of how loud a 4.6 second drag car can get (ear protection was a must). The team also showed how teary a crowd can get, when you spray 60 litres of nitro methane into the atmosphere in a short window of 5 seconds.

There were plenty of awards presented throughout the night. Some given to the crowd favourite, bagged and static categories. The crown jewel of awards to win from what we could see were “Best JDM”, “Best Euro”, “Best American Muscle”, “Best Aussie Muscle”, and “Best Rotary”. We saw a lot of inventive and fun categories as well, like “Is that even legal”, “Biggest Impact”, “Now That’s Committed”, and “99 Problems But Fitment Ain’t One”.

The ultimate award though was the 24-carat gold-plated wheel trophy given to “The Best of The Best”. It’s refreshing to see a show like Fitted Friday, using a wide variety of categories for awards to help breed a unique automotive culture.

Once again, Fitted Friday have set the bar and exceeded expectations to some — for a what a car show should look, feel, and sound like. The Fitted Friday team have brought their A-Game to this event and I look forward to seeing what they will bring again in the next Fitted Friday!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the rest of the photos of the night below!