This week I caught up with the slammed ride aficionado and the man behind JDM Accessories — Marcus Friggieri. It’s been a long time since we last met, he didn’t have his G3 WRX at the time so I’ve been itching for a good ol’ photo sesh for a while. We had a chat about the roots of JDM Accessories, his 5-year-old venture and his efforts in the local car community.

I knew just from looking at his amazing ride that he took pride in his car and the attention to detail he’d put into it was evident. From the rumble of the Invidia exhaust system to the K-Sport Airbag Suspension setup, down to the genuine Ganador Super LED mirrors — the WRX was always demanding its well-deserved attention.

“I was always wanting to modify cars with my personal style. However, products were always an issue to purchase due to being on a student wage” says Marcus. “After importing a few products to save money (I could not afford to purchase from local shops in Australia), I began to help my friends out who shared the same passion. Soon after, I found myself expanding to helping their friends with automotive products. The decision to start a business importing Japanese automotive products soon began to start taking place after I was finalizing many orders on a daily basis — then JDMaccessories was created.”

We went for a little cruise through the back streets of Western Sydney, trying to make the most out of the last bit of sun light, shooting some dope tracking shots (a bit of practice for me) and finally arriving at an indiscreet location to shoot some still life shots.

It’s really a bummer when I don’t see clean rides like Marcus’ WRX often. So it’s a pleasure to be shooting this dapper ride with a business owner who understands the importance of getting the right genuine parts while assisting car owners with a “balling on a budget” car mod approach. Having a Facebook following of 70K plus is nothing to be sneezed at. Even despite the constant currency fluctuations, JDM Accessories manages to be one of the cheapest Japanese automotive parts importers in Australia. “We work on minimal profits to help assist with many clients builds & try our best to stay number 1 in the Automotive importing scene within Australia.”

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