Talent is everywhere online, especially when it comes to producing a well stitched-together car video these days. It makes it hard to judge what is good anymore because nine times out of ten they are dope. Now since April has come to an end, we at DopeKoto have been flicking through a lot of these videos online. But obviously we only want to share with you the best ones we’ve seen so far in the last month.

Streets Closed

First up, when we order pizza we don’t expect a flash car rock up — not until you’ve met Sam. He runs a pizza shop in Greenwich, Connecticut and we at DopeKoto certainly wouldn’t mind him delivering our pizza in his Liberty Walk R35 GTR. Because let’s face it, it’s so rad!

FittedUK 2016

Next up, we have a sneak peak into UK’s well known car event “FittedUK“. Some of the best cars all over Europe this year will be showing up at the event on the 31st of July 2016. Can’t wait to see the post event video!

The Red Panda

Now on to a much more personal video by Petrolicious. Jay Kho the owner of this immaculate 1983 DR30 Nissan Skyline tells his story behind the machine and why his love for the 80’s angular coupes will never fade away.

Fitted Friday III Mega Meet

Last but not least, is the teaser on what to expect for this year’s Fitted Friday IV. Started in 2014, Fitted Friday has evolved as one of Australia’s major automotive events to date. Stay tuned for our coverage on Fitted Fridays IV held on 27th of May at Sydney Dragway, Eastern Creek.

The car community in Australia has grown dramatically in recent years and will only grow bigger for decades to come. Our goal is to bridge the gap between Australia and the rest of the world. To help us achieve this, please share with us some of the best videos you’ve seen this month in the comment section below, or send us a link via the DopeKoto Facebook page.

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