Most of us have been through the stage of reimagining our cars with every single mod thinkable. The only thing stopping us from realising this figment of imagination, was the money to do so. So the next best thing was to use Photoshop, where our imaginations stretched far and wide — allowing us to visually capture the “dream” setup. Unfortunately not all of us can use Photoshop, unless of course you’re Khyzyl Saleem.

Who is Khyzyl Saleem?

Saleem started at a young age of 17, when his father bought a copy of Photoshop for him. His initial intention was to learn everything about Photoshop, but strangely enough the first project had nothing to do with cars. His inspiration was driven by another concept artist named, Dan Luvisi — who focused heavily on crazy futuristic landscape and character art. For a while Saleem, who followed the same style of art, decided to take a step back because it started to feel more like a chore to him. Thus, it wasn’t something he personally wanted to pursue anymore. This is when his love for cars kicked in.

The ‘Evade’ Project

The minute his art took form in the shape of cars, he started his own personal project dubbed ‘Evade’ — where Saleem merges a car with conceptualised technology into one mind-boggling image. By doing so, Saleem is constantly renewing older cars with a new makeover; providing people a glimpse of what modified cars in the future could look like.

Achievement Unlocked

Saleem’s passion in concept art has opened him a pathway in working with one of the biggest game developers/producers in the world, that is EA Games — where he worked on their latest version of ‘Need for Speed’. Even though this was an enormous achievement, his true passion lies with the thought of working with an automotive manufacturer to materialise his Photoshopped imagination.

Check out a few quick pics of his work we at DopeKoto thought were dope. And if you haven’t yet, check out the time-lapse video above.