Cars are one of man’s greatest creations and we know some people like to collect untouched classic cars. It’s the rawness and driving feel which makes old school classics so desirable. Especially when it comes to a super car like the Ferrari F40, worth approximately $800,000 USD. For that kind of price, I’d want to keep this car under the sheets or even for the casual Sunday drives too. Obviously not all people are preservative like that. Case in point, enthusiast Takeshi Kimura takes his F40 to camping at Japan’s snowy mountains.

Luckily for us, Red Bull Japan captured Kimura-san’s typical day from start to finish for us to enjoy, and it’s totally rad. This ain’t your everyday F40 though as you’ll see this beast has been kitted out with rally-like fog lamps and other goodies for his special camping needs. Just listen to that beautiful roaring sound the highly sought-after Ferrari F40 it makes!