Less than three years ago, Kuba Przygoński set the fastest drift world record in a highly modified 2JZ-powered GT86 at a crazy 217 km/h. With the bar set high, Nissan Middle East was determined to take the crown but obviously this dream couldn’t be realised with a standard GTR. And so Nissan’s in-house tuning specialists Nismo, worked closely with GReddy Trust to craft this monster capable of delivering a staggering 1029 kW at the rear wheels.

Nissan nominated Japanese Drift Champion Masato Kawabata to be the pilot of this beast. As per Guinness World Records guidelines, Kawabata had to best the record previously set by Przygoński, and so he did. Matter of fact, Kawabata unanimously destroyed the record three times over with one of them at 305km/h. Good luck for those looking to set the fastest drift record, you’ll need it.