Photography by Ray Rei, Kenny Ng, & Michael Carrol | Video by D2 Productions

Time to take a trip down memory lane and if you were a car lover like myself when you were young, you’d definitely would have had a wallpaper/poster of your dream cars. I know I definitely did and one of them being the iconic Japanese Mazda RX7 FD3S. Even to this current date, seeing a clean one on the road still gives me the “tingle” and this is where Leo’s RX7 comes into the story. Knowing there’s only a couple of Rocket Bunny RX7s in Australia, spotting one in Brisbane was quite surprising. This lead to tracking down the owner Leo to tee up a photo shoot, share his thoughts about his beloved rare Rocket Bunny RX7 and where the Australian car community is heading.


Aging with Growing Love for Cars

Always loved cars since I was a child. I used to have hundreds of Chinese rip-off Hot Wheels, loved all shapes and sizes. But since growing up, my taste changed a lot along the way. My early high school years was when I started to favour different brands, I remembered at one stage I really wanted a WRX STI, but it wasn’t until grade 11 or 12 when I saw a RX7 for the first time. It completely changed me into a car guy.


The RX7 Lifestyle Choice

Since I first saw the RX7 in high school, I thought it could only be a dream to own one. So what I would  always do is buy a RX7 in all the driving games I played. And the more I looked into them the more i fell in love with RX7s. Then I learnt about the 13B-REW Wankel, which made me realise everything about the RX7 was different and unique.

Progress photos of Leo’s RX7 from 2012 to the point where he started prepping on the Rocket Bunny Kit. (2013 photo by Alessandro Renda)

Influence of the Rocket Bunny RX7

Not a lot of things have influenced me, as the car itself always just called out to me. But in saying that, Lewis at Bayside Automotive really taught me a lot about rotaries and FDs. From his influence I have chosen not to push large power numbers and instead go for handling/support mods on my FD. This means prolonging the life of the engine and getting the best driver feeling out of the car.

As for choosing the Rocket Bunny kit, I’ve always wanted to be different and after a small accident that happened to the car I just decided to go all out. Many people asked “Why not VeilSide?”, well first a genuine FD kit is $20,000 and second I think it makes the car look way too square. Whereas the Rocket Bunny has much more unique lines and curves.


Definition of Driving Pleasure

I would definitely say the driving pleasure is the feeling from the ground to all the wheels then to my feet and hands. The sensation about driving the car I used to dream about and knowing that it was modified at home by me and a friend. The feeling of accomplishment combined with handling characteristics of this cornering machine I tuned… makes it impossible to wipe the grin off my face every time I’m behind the wheel.

Cruising through Story Bridge

Views on the Disparity in Australian Car Communities

I think everyone has their own taste. I definitely have my fair share of love for classic muscles/American cars as well, but knowing there will always be a minority of people who are overly opinionated/biased/jealous makes it hard to combine car communities together. They are so used to expressing their own thoughts and feelings, they’ll just open their mouths without thinking and one opinion will lead to another which eventually will form a group of haters that are bias to their beliefs only.


Advice for Future RX7 Owners

My RX7 is definitely not one to make a role model of. Unless you have damaged your car like I did, really love the kit or have too much spare cash, I wouldn’t recommend going with the Rocket Bunny or any wide-body kit at all as there is no going back. Plus the FD3S series are becoming more rare. They are a very beautiful car to start with and they don’t really need a makeover to be great.


Rotary’s High Fuel Consumption, Maintenance & Modification Costs

I don’t think the RX7 costs more than other cars. As any car lover, you’d service your car every 5000km. And parts for modification is just as expensive as any other import parts. In saying so, I would never regret owning this car.


Future Modifications & Plans

Planning for bigger power, so next step will be engine mods. Injectors, fuel pump upgrade, and maybe more BRAP BRAP. I’m wanting to reach 450 [horsepower] at the rear wheels then just keep her there.


Current Mod List:

Rocket Bunny Body kit (including rear diffuser) – $ 6000

Enkei 6666 Rims – $4300     Nitto NT05 Tyres – $400 ea

Tein Circuit Master Super Racing – $3400

HKS V-Mount – $2400

HKS HI-FLOW Racing Suction Intake – $800

Apexi Power FC – $1100

Tuning and Restoring – $2500 to $3000