"We have such a strong 'grass-roots' scene but no real professional series."

Photography by Ray Rei, Kenny Ng, & Jacob Pedersen @ Alter Ego Visuals

One thing we all know is that teamwork plays a key essential part in any sporting group no matter if it’s soccer or automotive sports. After running my own social indoor soccer team, keeping it enjoyable and fun was my main directive in bringing everyone together. This indeed kept everyone coming back season after season. After hearing and seeing what Gravy Garage was all about, having a similar concept, I believed in fun. I definitely wanted to share with you their view points from one of the originators of Gravy themselves, Joel McNabb.

Beginning of Gravy Garage

“The beginning of Gravy Garage started with myself and Ryan Atkinson. We both had a love for sprint racing and regular drives up the mountains. We saw people started liking what we were doing so came up with a catchy name. We never thought it would eventuate to what Gravy is today!”

On Point with the Gravy’s Name

“Ryan and myself have a big love for RB motors and like all engines they have a few issues. RBs tend to have oil problems, so hence the ‘Gravy’ name.”

Team Colours

“The teams colours came about with the idea of unifying all of our cars while giving freedom for each driver’s modification path. We all have very different cars but the colours and livery show we are a part of the Gravy Garage team.”


The Follower’s Side of Things

“The following we get is mind-blowing. We get so much positive feedback and support it really pushes us to improve, whether it be our cars or driving. We just want to show people how fun drifting is and the amazing community of individuals you meet along the way. None of us were expecting it at all and we still get excited about every milestone any of our social media reaches.”

Views on the Australian Drifting Community

“The Australian drifting community is much different to the rest of the world. We have such a strong ‘grass-roots’ scene but no real professional series. I remember back when I started driving watching the ADGP series, it seems the lack of corporate sponsors and low exposure really stopped its growth. The media puts such a bad spin on everything drifting related with their scare campaigns. Anyone outside of the car community would never give drifting any positive support with the word ‘hoon’ thrown around so loosely in the media.”

Mysterious Monkey Magic Passenger

“Gary! He jumped on board the Gravy team a couple of years ago. He fills my passenger seat when I’m out doing tandems. Need someone out there to talk to, right?”


What Lies Ahead for Gravy Garage

“Well for 2016 I want to focus on the Gravy cars already in the team. New additions will be pushed right back and focus put into getting the 11 cars out driving. We have a couple of Japan trips in the works for this year and I’ll just be doing major events here. Gravy in 5 years? I really hope we are still all driving together having fun. That’s the one goal I want for all the drivers and will push for it to stay that way!”

Wishlist for Gravy

“Any of the newer shape cars you see in the professional series around the world would be amazing. FT86, 370Z or ultimately a R35 GTR.”

Joel’s Car

“When we started Gravy I had a RB25 powered Cefiro. One day I came accross the S14 shell and knew I had to have it. I loved the new shape and wanted to go back to a coupe to change it up a bit. Most of the Jap models here have big after-market support so it was never going to be an issue. Sticking with my love of RBs when I wrote my Cefiro off, it was a quick and easy transition to put all the RB25 gear into the S14 shell. I’ve owned it for a little over 3 years now.”

Definition of Driving Pleasure and Your Start of Drifting

“Driving pleasure is pushing your car to the limit while having your best mates inches away pushing themselves to get closer. My mates got me into it in the beginning. I loved the idea of it and would always try to slide around in my Pulsar. Finally gave in and bought my S13.”

The S14’s Future

“A big overhaul of the body and exterior will be happening in the next few months. It’s received a fair bit of damage from Matsuri last year so a big tidy up is in order. Would love to get a new set of wheels while it’s out of action too! I don’t really have any goals in mind for the car but maybe pushing for some different events and trying some competitions could be on the cards.”

Side Projects

“There is a R32 shell I’d love to find time for but the amount of work to build it up at the moment, may take a while until I can get my hands on it!”

Gravy’s Invasion into Japan

“Japan is amazing. Even if you’re not into cars it’s such a big culture shock and interesting place to visit. Being my first trip and with a group of 20+ people it got overwhelming at times but was so much fun. We travelled around a lot. Visiting workshops, tracks and doing the usual sightseeing. 6 or 7 of us bought cars at Ebisu and we spent over a week up there. If you love drifting you must make time to head to Japan and Ebisu to really see what all the hype is about.”

The Mod List

  • 1994 Nissan S14 Silvia Zenki
  • Built RB25DET engine
  • CP pistons
  • Manley rods
  • ARP head and main studs
  • Cometic head gasket
  • Greddy oil pump
  • HD cam springs and standard cams
  • TD06-25G turbo
  • 6Boost manifold
  • Greddy wastegate
  • Forward facing plenum
  • 460HP at the wheels on 18PSI
  • Jim Berry solid centre clutch
  • RB25 gearbox
  • One piece talishaft and Kaaz 2-way diff.
  • HSD coilovers with 15/12k springs
  • All adjustable arms
  • Gravy front drop knuckles
  • Extended LCAs
  • Ikeya Formula tie rods and KTS ends 
  • Relocated rack
  • PBM hydraulic hand brake
  • Custom half-cage with custom parcel shelf
  • Nardi steering wheel
  • Bride driver seat
  • GTR passenger seat
  • Likewise gear knob
  • BN-sports body kit
  • Interchangable custom Serena front bar
  • D-max fenders and wing
  • Full Gravy paint work and vinyl
  • Work Emotion XD9 wheels 17/18 stagger.

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