Photography by Bridget Tan |  Post Production by Kenny Ng and Ray Rei.

Certified 3 by 100mm is one of the most iconic automotive events held this year at Birrarung Marr, Melbourne. Started back in 2012, the group set out on an aim/mission to bring all the sub-diverse car cultures you see today and unite it as one. That’s a tough ask, especially when we all know by now that every individual/groups have different perceptions on how a car should be modified. Personally I believe that car modifications no matter form or function are entitled to some sort of appreciation, its like art really, because it represents who we are.

Then I had this thought, what about the wider audience? The people who do not understand our appreciation of this culture. The people who have been brainwashed by the Australian media and government who brought a strong misunderstanding that led to a bad image of this culture. Thankfully the group had this covered too, by working closely with the Melbourne City Council, Royal Children’s Hospital and other independent businesses.  Together, they wanted to show the public, how there is a population of street car culture that isn’t as rotten as it seems.

The 100mm group’s aim/missions are heading in the right directions here, and I can’t wait for future events to come.  Here’s our photo coverage of the Certified 3 Event.

Post Production by Kenny Ng

Post Production by Ray Rei

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