Photography by Ronny Aqel & Michael Carroll

Every year, the Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) continues to draw in the numbers as petrol-heads near and far unite for a massive three days.

Events like the World Time Attack Challenge, The Legends, The Flying 500, Outlaw Drift Shootout and Just Car Show’n’Shine continue to please the crowds.  These events have been gaining traction since WTAC’s official inaugural start in 2010.  However, the original time attack event was only a nation-wide weekend that started 2008, before Superlap Australia decided to make it an international event.
While all aspects of the event step up their quality each year, this year’s Just Car Show’n’Shine hosted by caught our attention as some really unique cars made their long distance commute to WTAC.

Mark’s Silvia is no exception. For the most obvious reason, we have yet to see another ‘down under’ with a TRA Kyoto/6666 Customs Rocket Bunny Kit. The Enkei x Rocket Bunny 6666 collaboration wheels complemented the red ‘true blood’ wrapped body perfectly and was responsible for plenty snapped necks.

The Southern Cross’ appearance made this event all the more exciting as the RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF Porsche 930 demanded the WTAC spectators attention over the course of the weekend. A European chassis with a Japanese element, each RWB Porsche is built by the master craftsman himself, Nakai-san. Truly adding to the sentimental value when we look at the finished product.

With the year by year increase of both quantity and quality, I can’t wait to see what World Time Attack Challenge brings us next time round.