Photography by Michael Carroll   |  Video by D2 Productions

I remember when I was still in high school with dial-up internet at home, I’d spend most of my after-school hours down at the local newsagent flicking through car mags. As this became routine, my knowledge and passion for cars grew, the list of dream cars became undeniably long. Time passed by and the internet improved, so did the amount of online content available such as blogs, forums and social media – this made my trips to the newsagent less and less. Yes it may sound like long time ago, but would you believe it was only just over a decade ago.

This raises a question, did the internet supercharge the growth of car community of what it has become today?

If you ask me? I believe it did. No longer did you need to wait until the release of the next magazine issue. Anything and everything can get published online as soon as it starts trending, regardless if it’s a blog or forum. Studies conducted by Jupiter Research showed a 300% growth in automotive blogs between 2004 – 2008, to which I believe is the when Fatlace, DubMag, Speedhunters and etc. started to shine. Believe it or not, us Australians started to follow the trends as well. From 2008 onwards, I saw a dramatic spike in the use of blogs, forums and social networks to guide what the Australian car community is today.

Libertywalk GTR

Unfortunately there is one thing that I don’t see much of in blog features, that is the interaction, the connection between man and machine. Which is why here at DopeKoto we want to share stories of people’s beloved Kuruma (Japanese for “Car”) through our new automotive section, DopeKuruma.

DopeKuruma will bring you the latest on upcoming iconic car events, features on special rides, and in future, we will be organising our own special events.

WATCH: Check out what to expect in the coming future.