"The pressure's on. Both hearts beat like a metronome. Both in sync like a Justin song. Feels so right but it's just so wrong." - Drake ft. Lykke Li

Since today is the widely accepted day of the week to be listening to tracks down memory lane, we’ve decided to revisit Drake’s So Far Gone mixtape.

Me and Louie were chatting about Tuka’s ‘Tattoo’ track recently. After giving it a listen, Louie brought up its resemblance to Drake’s rendition of Lykke Li’s ‘Little Bit’. And hell, I’m glad he did! I’ve been putting the track on repeat all week now!

At the time when the mixtape dropped, people were looking for new music but weren’t really sure what it was they were seeking. Then Drake drops this mixtape that erupted the “moody rap” trend. So Far Gone served as a catalyst for his emergence on the international stage and showed the world his unique style of “conversational rap”. The mixtape also resulted with two hit singles, ‘Successful’ and of course, ‘Best I Ever Had’ — which became Drake’s first number one hit and went 2x platinum.

Looking back, I was figuring out adulthood and trying to get a grasp of what I was supposed to do. This is why the mixtape cover resonated with me a lot. It depicted a kid pursuing money and love, as most people would in the final months of their teenage years.

Go ahead, give it a listen below and let all the nostalgic feels kick in!