Soundcloud is the online audio platform for beginner to professional artists to promote, record, and share their music. Founded in 2007, Soundcloud now has over 40 million registered users and a massive wealth of original music that can’t be found anywhere else.

Below is a list of 10 Hip-hop producers you must check out! Listen with an open mind and your ears will be amazed.

10. FloFilz.

A German producer with a love for Hip-Hop and Jazz; a combination made for each other. I’m a sucker for that old-school flavour and FloFilz does not disappoint.

9. ObeliskOTA (Of The Apocalypse)

A local Melbournian beat-nut, ObeliskOTA knows the way to your sweet spot! Be prepared to feel a range of different emotions when listening to his tracks. This guy is truly something special.

8. Puzzled.

The Swedish producer that’ll make you head bang! Using his experimental talents to his fullest potential, Puzzled is sure to elevate your mood. Check him out!

7. Jasperino

A 13 year old beat architect. Melodies flow through Japerino’s veins and he constructs skyscrapers from the percussion and soul. With a passion for lo-fi, Jasperino loves the use of distortion and vinyl crackle.

6. Silent Jay

Another local who’s a fiend for the sweet sound of a saxophone, Silent Jay is one of Melbourne’s dopest Hip-hop producers. His snare and high-hat combos are deadly — with a slight kick for electronic and jazz music, be prepared to fall into a deep serenity.

5. Mndsgn

Also fellow member of the Stones Throw Records, Mndsgn delivers a range of sounds like no other. The combinations of keyboard, synths, electric guitars and Hip-Hop percussion are just stunning.

4. Ta-Ku

Ever since his live debut in the Big Apple (2015), Ta-ku has taken the Electronica-Hip-Hop genre by storm. Not to mention the creator of the #teamcozy hashtag, Ta-ku is also recognised in amongst the sneaker community for being a unique and passionate sneakerhead! That’s two thumbs up in my books!

3. Wun Two 

If you’re a fan of Biggie Smalls then I guarantee you will dig this guy! The German producer has a meticulous ear for producing beats that go undoubtedly well with well-known rap songs. Something unlike you’ve ever heard before, Wun Two has the ability to change the tone of a ferocious B.I.G. song to a soothing chilled out track. Definitely need to check him out!

2. Flying Lotus

Flylo has more of an electronic feel to his instrumental beats. Using influences from genres all over the world including latin, funk and disco, he captures the listener’s attention with vivid psychedelic compositions.

1. Nujabes

Nujabes received worldwide acclaim for his innovative approach to Hip-Hop, often blending in an influence of jazz into his tracks, he created mellow, nostalgic, and atmospheric sounds. Seba Jun sadly passed away in a horrible traffic accident in 2010 but left behind his beautiful legacy of beats and instrumentals. Collaborating with various American Hip-Hop rappers like CYNE, J Dilla, and CL Smooth, Nujabes also contributed to the soundtrack of an anime titled Samurai Champloo.

Honourable mentions to the OG’s, Pete Rock, Questlove, J Dilla, Madlib & the whole Stones Throw crew, Q-tip, Havoc, Large Professor, and the might RZA.