The 22-year-old producer Leland Tyler Wayne, better known as Metro Boomin, recently did a short documentary titled Thank God for the Day. The 4-minute video follows Metro from a studio session with Southside and 21 Savage, to the sold-out Future show, and one of Atlanta’s finest gentlemen’s clubs, Magic City.

At a young age of 13, Metro decided to take up producing music, putting all his effort into it. No playing sports, going to parties or being outside. This mentality resulted in 17-hour return trips to Atlanta, where he’d spend his weekends recording music, chasing his dreams of producing crowd-pleasing beats. Soon after realising his unstoppable talent, he was later accepted into Morehouse College, but dropped out within a few months of the first semester.

Even now after a decade of honing his bass-heavy brash beat production, Metro continues to produce music with his “work hard, play hard, work even harder” mentality; sticking to his guns and thanking god for every day.