Moving to Soundcloud

It’s that time again!  Due to popular demand, we are wrapping up using Spotify and transitioning to Soundcloud!  To wrap up the Spotify competition, here’s our 3 playlists curated by the likes of Mr. Lorenzo, Moto_Chicken and of course resident Joohee Oh.

DopeKoto ビート Beats

by Moto_Chicken

A very calm flowing playlist of light hip hop and jazzy beats.  This playlist is for the cool upper-class kids, so brace yourselves!

DopeKoto ダンス EDM

by Joohee Oh

Dance to yet another playlist by Joohee Oh, check out this piece on Spotify for one last time!

DopeKoto バイブ Vibe-rations

by Mr. Lorenzo

This is a playlist with a lot of chill vibes, have a listen and my recommendation is: best served with a glass of whisky!

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