Headphone Quality in Small Earphones

About a month ago my earphones decided to walk out on me and so it led me to look for a new set.  I needed a pair of in-ears and was comfortable paying around $100. I didn’t want to buy the typical Sennheiser in-ears though.  That’s when I recalled that Tiësto had his own signature line made by Audiofly.  This is how I ended up with a pair of Audiofly AF56 In-Ears.  I feel that Audiofly doesn’t get enough praise, especially when it’s designed by fellow Australians; so I will break down why I absolutely love this pair of in-ears I just bought.

Build Quality

DopeKoto Audiofly AF56-1

The AF56 build quality is definitely one to admire about.  It features a gold-plated 3.5mm jack, machined alloy bezel and precision cut vents for ultimate acoustics; these earphones undoubtedly lets you know the quality level is more than what you pay for.  I do however must say the Audiofly logo isn’t placed precisely the same on each ear piece, a bit of a negative here but not really a biggie.

Rest assure the cables won’t be snapping any time soon with Audiofly’s Audioflex™ Cable.  The conductors inside this signature cable is Kevlar-covered and the outer sheath braided with CORDURA® fabric; commonly used in military wear for its resistance to abrasion and tearing.  Not to mention these cables are tangle-friendly, no matter how much of a mess these get in your pockets the fabric-sheathed exterior allows it to be easily untangled.

The AF56 comes in two arrangements, one a microphone and one without.  The Clear-Talk™ microphone is separate to the control button to reduce unwanted noise and improve voice clarity.

DopeKoto Audiofly AF56-3

DopeKoto Audiofly AF56-2

DopeKoto Audiofly AF56-9

Wearing Them

With 4 sets of ear buds, there’s a pair that will fit anyone.  Sometimes the ear buds seem to seal just a bit too well when I first put them in, but I usually give it a light tap and then it’s good again.  Noise cancelling isn’t the best though; but it does reduce a lot of ambient noise and when I’ve got my jam cranking I don’t notice people around me at work.

DopeKoto Audiofly AF56-6

The off-axis sound port and the lightweight build really helps with the comfort, I could wear this the minute I leave the house and on the way back at the end of the day without any issue.  I barely notice them in my ears.

Sound is driven by custom 13mm dynamic drivers that are very well-balanced in the highs, mids and lows.  Unlike Beats by Dre mainstream brands, every section of the spectrum can be clearly distinguished; the crisp high notes, the perfect mids and the right amount of deep bass that won’t rattle number plates.  No matter how loud you drive them, the sound quality just sticks with it (used a MacBook Pro & Samsung Galaxy S5 after 40 hours break-in time) and you’ll probably be deaf before these break.

DopeKoto Audiofly AF56-5

The Verdict

Very very well priced for an unmatched performance in its price range.  These I dare say are one of the best investments I have made in electronics.  In-ears with the sound quality of headphones are hard to come by, but Audiofly may have just delivered it and literally the next day after I placed my order.  For a price of $100-$110 (depends on mic or no mic), these are worth every dollar 10/10.

Audiofly AF52, headphones