Do you have what it takes to become a Music Curator?!

We’re going to do something new here, we have created 3 playlists and each fortnight we want DopeKoto fans to showcase their music curating talents!  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Login to Spotify or create an account if you haven’t got one yet.  Sign Up
  2. Create a playlist with 20+ songs for 1 of the 3 following categories:
    • DopeKoto バイブ (Baibu) Vibe-rations – A playlist with nothing but good vibes delivering feels that would take your creative abilities to the next level.
    • DopeKoto ビート (Bīto) Beats – A playlist with the hip hop beats that can either bring out your ‘Thug Life’ or leave you with a chilled feel.
    • DopeKoto ダンス (Dansu) EDM – A playlist of modern-day Electronic Dance Music that will psyche you up and take you higher than the ceiling.
  3. Once you have curated your music, right-click your playlist > copy playlist link.  Share it to us by filling in the submission form.

Submission Form

This Fortnight’s #DopeKotoMusicCurators Playlists

Vote for your favourite playlist via our #DopeKotoMusicCurators page:

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DopeKoto バイブ Vibe-rations

by Kelton Moses

Open Playlist

DopeKoto ビート Beats

by Kenny Ng 

Open Playlist

DopeKoto ダンス EDM

by Joohee Oh

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